Friday, June 6, 2008

Just Call me Lazy Bones....

I've been home all week. Took a little break between job A ending and job B starting. It's amazing the things you DON'T get done when you are home. I seem to accomplish more by being gone 10 hours a day and THEN coming home and attacking things. Guess I'm lazy. Go figure. LOL

AJ and I had a pretty good week. We played in the pool (well she played & I laid out with a book), we toured new preschools, and we went shopping with mema. Amazingly enough, I did NO scrapping.

In other news, I received a personal phone call from my Neurosurgeon and he said that according to my last CT scan, everything looks good and has healed just perfectly....YAY! He released me from his care which is the best news I have heard in a while. I now feel I can start to put the events of January behind me and move on - HEALTHY.

I realized I haven't introduced the newest member of our family....Meet Miss Pixie:
She's playful, feisty and VERY hard to photograph! She's turning in to my baby, she has to be wherever I am, but not touching me. If I try to get her to come sit with me or cuddle with me, she runs away. But when the lights go out and we go to bed, guess who is curled up next to me?

We have a busy weekend planned with company for dinner tonight, AJ's dance recital and date night tomorrow, and hopefully my stepdad will be making FRIED RICE for Sunday's dinner!

have a Fab Friday and an AWESOME weekend!

xoxox, D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

scrappin' at the LSS - it ain't what it used to be....

Friday night, E and I met another friend of hers and went to the LSS to crop. I must tell you that it wasn't that fun. Really.

First, I had to pay $10 to crop, under the pretense that I got a $5 credit towards my purchase. I really have no problem with that - I understand they need to make money and pay the light bill, etc., plus I will normally pick up something while I am there.

Second, there were about ten people there; TEN! This used to the LSS that had a waitlist by Tuesday !!

Thirdly, it was tooooooo quiet (probably because there were only 10 of us)

We ended up going OUT for dinner, coming back and the time still drug on. Then, at 11pm, they started announcing that we all MUST pay as soon as possible because the computer goes down at midnight and they wouldn't know how to close out your tab (WTF?!) They then announced again it at 11:15, 11:30 and by 11:45, they were singling people out to come pay. E's friend spent quite a bit of time on the sales floor, but they didn't have what she wanted, so she didn't want to buy anything. They told her that she MUST purchase something or she would lose the $5 credit - the credit that had been in the system since she paid for her spot on Wednesday! I spent only $5, because I'm just Nevermind the fact that I had already spent like $20 within the last two weeks (in a row).

Oh and by 12:01 or was is 11:59, they had pushed everyone out of the store. Now, I paid to crop from 6-midnight - and if I was almost finished with something, I would have stayed till then, kwim?

After not cropping in a store for six months, I must say things have changed; and I don't think I will be scrapping at that LSS for a LONG time.

The Scrapstore Nazi's are out, girls, beware.

xoxox, D