Friday, November 30, 2007

My first attempt

At Cards, that is. I mean yeah, I've made cards but that was at a SU Demonstration and everything was pre-cut and the idea was already there, kwim? We were challenged over at Scrapperie to make 4 cards from scraps. I am so not a scrap saver, but I went thru my page kits and found some stuff I had actually saved!

The first one is a sketch that Jayme made back in October, and I just got around to making it. The 2nd one was a sketch that was on Scrapperie.

The 3rd and 4th were kind of myown, with a little inspiration. So, any big plans this weekend? We will be going to a Christmas parade tomorrow morning and then we will be putting up our Christmas stuff. We have a lot this year to put up~~I went the day after CHristmas last year and went crazy buying all kind of stuff. Actually, I can't remember everything I bought!! I'm hoping to get some great pictures this weekend so that I can scrap away some holiday pix!!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sick Day

I ended up having to stay home with AJ today as she is sick. :( Poor baby. Since my scraproom is right next to her bedroom, I have spent most of the morning in here so that I can run her to the bathroom when she gets sick. I've managed to get a new layout done for Challenge #4 over at Scrapperie~~the challenge was to use 4 pics, 4 colors, 4 embellies and a 4 word title. Here's my take.

This next layout was the #3 challenge for last week. We had to use the title "This is True Beauty" I love this pic of AJ and the ocean. It is probably the best picture I have ever taken.

Well, AJ is sleeping for the moment, so I am going to go finish some laundry and then hopefully try my hand at making some cards! I've never really made any on my own, so wish me luck!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Need I say more?!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend. I just don't have the umphhhh to type about it, so I thought I would leave you this showing one of the things we did this weekend. Have a good week!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Colleen challenged us to a little quiz today. So here it is!

Who am I? Darlene ~ wife, mommy, daughter, step mother, grandma, friend, scrapper.
Who knows me best? my mom
How old am I? 32
How old do I feel? at the end of the day? my age
The most important thing in my life is... my family
I always carry...a Coach purse ;)
Something I always do is...go online and check my email and message boards first thing
I'm at my happiest when...I am with Web and AJ
On a Monday morning, you'll find me...making a cleaning list and drinking a coffee
My favorite mode of transportation car
My eyes are...hazel
My favorite material possession wedding ring
To relax, I like to...go online, scrap, watch TV
The town I live in is...very small
What's my worst habit? getting uptight for no reason
My guilty pleasure is...CHOCOLATE
When I look at someone, the first thing I see is...their hair (I start at the top...hahaha)
I think ......... is beautiful. I think ADRIENNE is beautiful
One thing that I can live without is...STRESS! (keeping Colleen's answer)
One thing people don't know about me is...I have anxiety issues
My life close to perfect as one can be! I have a new house, Web is home full time now and things are really clicking............

SO now you know a little more about moi! I'm home from work today with a sick kid who now looks to have pink eye, so we will be going back to the doctor for the second time in two days!! Her eyes were fine when we were there yesterday! But last night, they got all goopy and were hurting, so I am getting ready to call and make another appointment.

So, to everyone:

Happy Thanksgiving

Don't eat too much!

Love, D

Monday, November 19, 2007

My weekend and a new addiction

My scrappy weekend went okay. I wasn't feeling the best, and I think I left most of my mojo at home. I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but here they are"

I did this for the Nov/Dec Challenge at Scrapperie. The theme was monochromatic. This is my morning coffee in my favorite mug!

Wet and Wild~Just a simple LO of AJ on her slip n slide this summer

Dance in the light of the moon.....entire LO is CTMH product

The tortoise & AJ - All papers are CTMH, KI Memories Pop Culture

Summertime~all pp is MM, stamp is CTMH and blingage is Imaginisce
Now on to my addiction.....while we were on our mini retreat, I discovered, thanks to Elyse, a new show~~~I Love New York....omigosh this show is a trainwreck, but also highly addicting! There was a marathon on over the weekend and I watched every episode VH*1 could throw at me! Which may be one of the reasons I didn't get more scrappin done!! LOL
Have a wonderful week!
Love, D

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ready for a Scrapping Weekend!

My friend E and I have rented a condo at the prestigious World Golf Village for a weekend of scrappin! After work, my parents are picking up AJ and I am off to scrap the weekend away!

My stuff is packed - or together anyway-yes that is a laundry basket, but with the recent move, I couldn't find anything to carry my stuff in, so the basket will do!

I'm hoping to get lots done - I haven't really planned my pages like I usually do, but I grabbed some stuff that should work and am just gonna go with it! I can always take a break to go shopping, right?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Love, D

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A little busy, a little scrappy

Wow, I can't believe it is Saturday already! I've been a little busy this week with nothing in particular really, just the every day goings on. But instead of boring you with all of that, how about I post some LOs and projects I did this week? Sound cool?! Cool!

This is my Gratitude Album. Janet at Scrapperie is hosting a '21 days of gratitude' challenge. I chose this cute little file folder album and have been making tags. I've done five so far, so I really need to be catching up. So far, I have been thankful for FAMILY, CHINESE TAKE-OUT, OLD FRIENDS, OUR NEW HOUSE, AND MY QUIET TIME. I'll post more as I do them.

Here's a quick little LO I did of AJ in her Halloween shirt. It's actually a lift from another member over at Scrapperie. I think it turned out cute and I am in love with those chipboard letters. One of our LSS makes that font---too cute!

Here's a LO I actually did for a swap, but then I ended up not going to the crop in order to swap, so yesterday, when I got AJ's school picture back, I new where it needed to go:

I did this LO for the Nov/Dec Challenge over at Scrapperie. The theme for this week was "Your Superhero" I chose to do a LO about my dad.

The journalng reads:
~He was the strongest man I knew
~He was never scared of anything
~He stood up for what he believed in
~He was ten feet tall and bulletproof

~He fought the good fight
~He never gave up

He was My Daddy and I miss him so much.
3.13.34 - 3.09.07

This Layout was hard for me to do, all of the words just poured out and then came all of the tears. I haven't really cried or grieved since he passed, and I think this layout has helped me to start the process. So see, scrapbooking IS therapeutic!

Well we are getting ready to go to Web's granddaughter's birthday party. AJ is gone all weekend with my parents out of town and we are home alone ;) Hopefully I can work in my scraproom (or is it a studio?! LOL) some tonight or tomorrow.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Presenting.................MY SCRAPROOM!

When you walk in, this is the wall you see:
This apothecary cabinet holds individual chipboard letters:

My workspace:

The creation area:
The computer/printer/scanner area:
My lounging area: (I covered the loveseat with a sheet for now---it didn't match at ALL. Still need to get curtains as well.
And when I walked in my room this morning there was this note from my honey. It reads: "Fantastic job, Babe. It looks really good in here. I hope you enjoy your room. Create Much! Love you" How great is my husband!

So, tell me what you think about my new space! I am going to go in there and scrap away today!

Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's Finished!

I finished the baby gift album last night around 11! Good thing since the baby shower is at 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

Here's the slide show. My scanner is not up yet, so I had to take pics of it, which aren't the best. Sorry for the quality but you will get the jist!

I'm going to a crop tonight with Jax Park Scrappers. I hope to get a least 2 layouts done and work on my gratitude challenge album over at Scrapperie

HAve a great Saturday! :)