Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Canvas

While I was in Mississippi this past weekend, I met up with my scrap gal GRETA at her LSS to make a canvas. She told me that we would be painting on canvas and I immediately tried to back out. I can't paint! I can't even draw a stick person - ask AJ!!

So I met her on Sunday and we created this:
It's 16x20 I think. I am totally proud of this creation! Here's a side view as well:
It was so fun hanging out and creating with Greta. It almost makes me want to move to Biloxi *wink wink* ALMOST.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed it!



Bonnie said...

I love that, and it looks like you can paint afterall!

TheresaK said...

It is ADORABLE!!!! Sounds like you had a blast with your friend!!

Greta Adams said...

girl....MOVE!!! we would have a blast!!!!!

Melissa said...

This is beautiful!!!!! Love it!!!

Julie Howard said...

That is DEElightful! I love it! You're going to have to show it to me up close & personal next time I travel to Yonder. Fabulous, fabulous job.

Vel said...

Dee, that's fantastic! Who knew you had so much canvas talent too?! I'm so impressed...especially since I definitely don't have the guts to try that. :) Super work!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

WoW Dee......I LOVE your canvas!!! I would love to make something like that!!