Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Live in the Now

The girls over at Forward Progress always seem to have some thought provoking prompts. January's was no exception.

Do you ever think about what you want? It could be anything from wanting chocolate right here and right now, to wanting a better future for your children that you might not have had.

It is a new year, a time of resolutions...but let's be we stick to them? What is it that you really want? Do you want lose 20 lbs or do you want to just be generally more happier with who you are? Do you want more time in the day for the things that are important? Or do you want a new camera?

you get the idea...have fun with it...or be serious...just be honest.

so...with that being said....our prompt for January is to tell us What you want.

So, I got to thinking. What is it that I want most? There are quite a few things I could rattle off.....happiness, world peace, a new car...the list could go on and on. But the reality of those answers is that they are just generic. They are the "sunday school answer"

I am a pessimist at heart. I always have been. And lately, my glass has been less than half empty, let me tell ya. I struggle with this demon every single day. What someone may find joy in, I usually don't even see. Two Sundays ago, I ran into some friends of ours that I had not seen in a while. I took the opportunity to ask our friend, and fellow pessimist, for some guidance as how to deal with life and all that is a pessimist, of course.

His words were so simple but yet so profound. He told me, "Darlene, as a pessimist, you must learn to live in the now, be thankful for the day thus far and realize that God has blessed you with all of it. Don't look forward. Just be in the RIGHT NOW."

These words spoke to my heart and I realized that more than anything in this world, I want to LIVE IN THE NOW.


Greta Adams said...

girl this one rocks...
i love it on the cardboard...
hang that up

Deanna said...

Gorgeous... love what you did for the prompt!

ellen s. said...

that is so cool! i love the idea of making a wall hanging out of it! a constant reminder for sure!