Monday, October 22, 2007


Colleen over at Scrapperie challenged us to blog one thing we are thankful for in every letter of the word 'graditude'

So here goes:

Great friends to hang out with
Running around buying stuff for the new house
Adrienne sleeping in HER bed all night long last night
That little bit of silence before AJ wakes up
I have a huge support system
The clean smell of my brand new house
Unpacking (no, really!)
Dreams coming true
Every day with Web home

Nothing going on on the scrap-front. We've been so busy moving in that I haven't even looked at the scrap stuff! I am hoping to get my countertops installed in the scraproom this week so that I can start getting it organized. My friend Elyse is coming out Saturday and we are going to scrap all day while the girls play. I am hoping the new room will be usable!


Colleen said...

Love your list and good luck with the unpacking!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Aww what a nice list of things to be grateful for!!

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