Monday, October 29, 2007

Just another manic Monday

..........I wish it was SUnday.......cause that's my funday......."

gotta love the Bangles!!

Not a lot going on. I am just doing my normal Monday cleaning. I am hoping to get a challenge done for the local group I am in which is due tonight by midnight. I thought I had longer to work on it, but apparently

Saturday, my friend Elyse came over and we cropped from 9:30 to 5. I worked on a gift album for an upcoming baby shower and finished a fall swap page for next week's JPS crop. I have to make 4 more layouts for the gift album. I ran out of ideas and embellies! It's a baby boy album, so I had a block for some reason. I had never done anything baby boy, so I guess that's why. So tomorrow I am going to HL to get the rest of the supplies.

Since the album isn't done, I don't wanna post pics yet, so I guess I will leave you with a pic of the cutest girl ever....

Have a great week!!!!!! :)


Tanya said...

What a cute picture!!
I hope you found some boyish stuff at the hobby lobby. Can't wait to see it when it's done!!

Colleen said...

What a cutie! Congrats on getting so much scrappig done and hope you found what you needed to finish!

Mary said...

Aww she is a CUTIE!!!

I hope I get to crop tomorrow! You know how I can never make solid plans! lol