Monday, January 7, 2008

Blech...and two LOs...and a TAG!

Soooooo, I spent this weekend in a scrapping funk. I had tons of time to get stuff done, and nothing was. I think that's blamed mainly on the fact that on Saturday, I sent some pics to WM - and they didn't get them. I was confused, but when I got home, I realized I must not have completed the order. Great. And I live 30 miles from the nearest WM, so I wasn't about to go BACK in on Sunday. I have tons of pics here, but I didn't want to work on Christmas. So here I am, scrapless for the weekend.

I did find some old pictures (like 2004) of AJ and her first trip to CEC. I am inspired by them, but don't know if I have papers that will work.

The good thing is that I have to run to the bank later (there is a WM on the way) so I will probably get those pics printed....if not maybe tomorrow.

Here are the two layouts I did last week:
This was for a scraplift challenge over at Scrapperie. I am please with the turn out. I rarely get to scrap pictures of just Web and I. My co-worker took this at our Company Christmas party. Don't I look so happy after THREE Cosmos?! LOL
This layout sat on my desk all week long. It's so different from what I would call my 'style'. But in the end, I do love it. The journaling is the best. it says, "We decorated cookies for the first time this year. Can you tell which ones mommy decorated and which ones AJ decorated?" I wanted to focus on the cookies because she really did try (as you can see). Yes, they were scary looking, but they are also cute! Plus, it was something we did together and we created a memory.

Okay so now for the tag...the wonderful Colleen started this tag over at Scrapperie:

We're going to have a go at starting our own blog tag! I'm going to start and then you're going to add something to it and tag at least 2 other people.

1. Name your 2 favourite scrapbooking topics.
Adrienne and vacation

2. What are the 2 best places you've been to?
Venice, FL and San Francisco

3. Name 2 things you do every day.
go online and clean

4. Tell us 2 things that pretty much everyone knows about you.
I have a brand new house and I love scrapping!

here's my addon:
5. Tell us 2 things that everyone DOESN'T know about you.
I am a native Floridian and I don't know how to swim

OK, so you can see that all of the questions have "2" in them. You're going to answer the 5 questions on your blog and add one more with "2" of something. That way as it spreads, it'll get longer and change depending on who it visits! Make sure to list the 2 people you're tagging on your blog and let them know! Make sense? Ask if it doesn't!

I tag: Melissa and Mary

Welp, I have a ton of Monday madness cleaning to do today. Hopefully I will have something creative to post later....

Have a marvelous Monday!
xoxox, D


~ Jayme ~ said...

I love those LO's. She did such a great job with her cookies!!! :)

Megan A. said...

both of your LOs are great!

Janet said...

Love them Darlene...Doesn't look like you are in a funk at all!

Marie said...

Those are great layouts and cool tag! I didnt see it lol!

Mary said...

Both of your layouts are great!! I really love the one of you and Web! And those cookies are making me hungry! :D

Okay... off to do my part of the tag!

TheresaK said...

Love your new layouts!!!!! hope you had a great Christmas!!

Melissa said...

Love your new layouts!!! Just love how you have "matured" so much since I've known you (scrap-wise that is...LOL). Will come back in the morning and do the tag :)

lashes said...

Hey darling, love your blog, makes me wanna do a lo, :? gonna have to do that digi stuff =) miss you, love you! Muah~

Tanya said...

Great LOs' D~
Love the one of you and Web..and AJ's cookies are the cutest!!