Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloweek?! **Picture heavy Post**

That's a new word I just made up. We've had a week filled with activities, costumes, and parties.

On Monday, we decided to carve and decorate the pumpkins we got from the patch. AJ chose a cat for her daddy to carve and then we created two monster faces on her pumpkin.

Here are the finished products:

So far this week, we've had a cat and a cheerleader in the house. One more costume to go for tomorrow night.



Vel said...

Hey, they're Mr. Potato Pumpkins! They're adorable. And would you look at that little cutie in the costumes! She's so sweet, Dee!

Debbie :-) said...

OMG!!! Your pumpkins rock!!!!! AJ looks so adorable in her costumes!! Love the new blog look Dee, and your revamped scrappy space is gorgeous!!

Holly said...

Cute pumpkins!! And her costumes are awesome. Looks like you guys are having a really fun halloween!!

Julie Howard said...

I love your pumpkins! Web really did a great job carving that kitty. I can't carve a good pumpkin to save my life! And AJ is just too cute. She seems taller and thinner than when I saw her. She's growing fast!

Melissa said...

Oh my.....she's adorable!
Where did you get those thingies for the pumpkins? I must have!!!!