Monday, October 27, 2008

my Revamped Scrap Room

It has taken me right at a year to get my scraproom into shape. Don't we all remember THIS pic?
If you look at my blog header, you will see what the room looked like in the beginning. About this time last year, we moved into our new house and I immediately claimed the back bedroom as my scraproom. Web has the entire den the way he wants it (including the wall of murder - as named by my friend Julie) My scraproom was pretty, but it wasn't very functional. The workspace was only 13 inches wide and stuff always slid off the back. I had crammed everything into the small little drawers and they were just a mess. So for Christmas last year, Web made me a nice wide counter top and some matching shelves. It took me a while to figure out where to put the shelves, but he was able to install them for me. It was all nice, but still I had a HUGE MESS.

Last week, I decided that it was time to tackle the clutter known as my scraproom. I worked on it a little each day and it is FINALLY FINISHED!!

Here's the view from the doorway:
There wasn't much change on that wall, except that I moved the lamp and added a rug. Mel, yes that's your LO on the wall...Victoria, that's yours on top of the shelf. :)

Here's my new and inproved workspace:
You will notice a HUGE difference between this pic and the one on my header. See my ribbons?! That's probably my most favorite part! My friend Vel gave me this idea and I totally LOOOVE it!

Here are the shelves Web made:
On the top shelf are all the cards I have received from my scrappy friends. (Debbi, yours fell over, but it is there) They make me happy. :)

The other side of my workspace has more storage and another shelf. Also you can see my TV and DVD. I love to watch episodes of Sex and the City or throw on Dirty Dancing while I am scrapping.
The newest addition to the scraproom is my new table that holds my laptop, printer and scanner. It will also double as a workspace should I have a friend come over to scrap. There used to be an oversized loveseat in here, but the table is much more practical:
I hope you have enjoyed the tour. I am so thrilled with the way it turned out. I think I may go scrap for a bit....



TheresaK said...

LOVE your new room!! it looks Awesome!! I really like how you have your ribbon!!

Debbie :-) said...

Awesome scrappy space Dee!!! I love how you have everything set up and I LOVE the pink!!