Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So it's Valentine's Day. It seems everyone has an opinion about the day - whether it be positive or negative. SO why not give you mine?!

I am a romantic. Yes, I am. I love that my husband still opens the door for me wherever we go; that he sends me cutesy little emails during the day; that he leaves voicemails on my cell phone knowing I won't get them until the next time I am in the car.

Valentine's isn't that big of a deal to us. We usually acknowledge it with some candy and a card. We usually get AJ a stuffed animal and some candy. That's about it and that is fine because yes America, I have a SWEETHEART all. year. long.

Hope your sweetheart is good to you, too!



VAWM said...

Dee, this is a wonderful LO! I am glad you are a romantic and your life is romantic too!

TheresaK said...

oh how sweet!!!!!! love the layout!

ellen s. said...

aw, that is a sweet layout!

Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

You two are so damn sweet together. You can immediately tell how much in love you are the moment you meet you guys!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

cute layout! hope you had a fabulous v-day . . . and tag, you're it! LOL

Mrs. Bell said...

hey girl.. I have posted some of your pics on

let me know if you find them!! :)