Friday, December 14, 2007

I so Need to UPDATE!!

This week has been waaaaay more busy than I have wanted! I have some LOs to post and some other pics, but for now.....

Fat Santa
Get Funny Pictures at


Janet said...
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Janet said...

Ah Darlene...why isn't that pic your avatar!!! It is way funny!!!!!!!

Marie said...

Dang it blogger isnt showing it to me. Poo!

Tanya said...

Oh no D~.. I'm so sorry that I posted the CJ up. I thought you had your album back already.. I feel so bad..I ruined your suprise.
I'm so sorry about that. I just terrible now!!
No worries on my CJ. I know you will take care of it. You can send it back back to me when you're done. I don't think anyone wants to do them anymore.
So just take your time and send it to me when you're ready!
I totally understand about the moving. I'm in the same predicament. No worries on my end!!
Lots of love
LOL at the santa picture..I needed that!

TheresaK said...

ROFL!!! Too funny!

My Paper World said...

Way too funny!

Marie said...

Now i see it!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is great! Love the music!